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Alaknanda  Ghaati Shilpi  Federation ( Aagaas Federation ) – Aagaas, is a community based voluntary non-profit making organization formed in 2002 to work towards the socio-economic development of rural mountain communities in Uttarakhand and registered in 2004 under the Societies Registration Act, XXI, 1860.

The organization is affiliated to Earth Charter International, Earth Charter Youth Group and SAYEN Asia. It was honored with a Recognition Award by World Bank in Washington D.C. in 2005. 


Vision :

To be a leading  NGO, spearheading activities for the holistic and sustainable development of the rural communities of Uttarakhand, by promoting the rich heritage of the Himalayas, while at the same time protecting her fragile ecosystem.


Mission :

To contribute to the economic development of the people of Uttarakhand, through various employment generation initiatives which optimize the available natural resources and skills, keeping in mind the environment sustainability of the Central Himalayan region. 


The organization is committed to:

Employment generation for the rural youth in the mountain areas through various new initiatives..

Support craft persons practicing different kinds of  natural resource-based crafts such as hill bamboo ( Ringaal) basketry, natural fiber based eco textiles etc. ( Himalayan Nettle and industrial Hemp)

Provide technical and marketing support to rural initiatives

Work with individuals and Self Help Groups for the promotion of organic farming, fruit processing, cultivation of medicinal plants, promotion of Ecotourism, Renewable energy and value added herbs.

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J.P.Maithani - 9456591271

Ashish Sati - 9412973399

Anuj Namboodri - 8979080927


Bhuwana Devi

Rewati Devi

Anita Maithani






Dr. B.P Maithani ( Former Director NIRD Hyderabad, Member  Convenor CAPART)

Administration, RTI and Planning of Rural Development.


Mr. L.V. Keshav ( Former vice president- Ion  exchange India)

Watershed, water conservation, and rural development projects


 Mr.  Yogendra Kainthola- Former Roteract Representative  for Asia,

Director Sun terrain Eco power Pvt. Ltd. and themes tour India

Ecotourism, Low-Cost housing, and Marketing of Organic products.


Mr. Aswin Dinakar, Education-  IIT- Chennai

Environment engineer and currently focused on running high-resolution WRF simulations for studying cloudbursts in high altitude Himalayan areas.


Dr. Mukta Dangwal ( Faculty Economics)

Economist and Planner of the Microenterprise projects



Animal welfare


Dr. Sudha Sharma ( Ph.D. Anthropology)

Action research related to Children and Rural development in reference to Himalaya.


Hari Krishna D V (M. Sc. Disaster Management )

Technological Support


Dr. Madhu Mishra ( M.A. Economics)

Rural Micro planning


Ms. Richa Nigam

Script writing and Cinematographer

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