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The organization is working for the local resource-based employment generation for the poor. we provide services related- Micro-planning, SHG formation, Environment education in the school system, training to the rural farmer for organic farming, poultry, dairy development, Composting, and fruit processing. We organize low and high altitude treks for the students and researchers apart from this we organize bird watching and  Biodiversity-related studies in the region.


Help us

We accept donations in kind and in cash and we will provide income tax exemption under income tax act- 80 (G) of Income Tax.


Name of the account - Alaknanda Ghati  Shilpi Federation

Account number - 011594600000082,

IFSC- YESB0000115

Name of Bank - YES Bank, Rajpur Road Dehradun


How we are not causing Harm to the Environment


Bamboo Houses – The Biotourism park offers lodging facility in the campus in the huts made by local masons and artisans made of the local hill Bamboo called – Ringaal ( Arundinaria spp.) , and local building material with moderate facilities but with clean washrooms attached to every hut. Apart from this, we offer facilities for Tented accommodation to the guests.


Nursery-  The year we provide fodder and grass saplings free of cost to the local communities and gram panchayats. And we also produce Quality planting material of Fruits – such as – Pear, Plum, Cherry, Walnut, Kailnut, Hazelnut, Persimmon, Kiwi, Apple, Citrus fruits, Aloe vera, Peach,  ApricotPear etc. at a subsidized rate to the local youths and farmers. There is more than 300 Himalayan spp. is available on the campus. Biotoursim park is surrounded by Nursery of Himalayan Ringaal/ Bamboo spp., Local flora which includes Medicinal plants, Shrubs, fruits, and temperate grasses. Every


How is ours different- We don’t believe in GDP we believe – Gross Environment Progress by contributing to the local ecosystem and Environment by providing local resource-based employment.

Training Programs that we offer

1- Microplanning, PRA.

2- SHG formation and Bank linkages,

3- Training to the Van Panchayati Raj Training tot the newly elected Gram Pradhan, BDC Members, and Gram Panchayat Members,

4- Nature Guide Training program,

5- Ringaal/Bamboo Craft Items and Housing,

6- Panchayati Raj Training,

7- Public Biodiversity register preparation,

8- Fruit Processing and preservation,

9- Tour Travel guide, 

10 - Rock Climbing,

11- Nursery preparation and plantation techniques.

Stay with us

And, O ye Fountains, Meadows, Hills, and Groves, 

Forbode not any severing of our loves! 

Yet in my heart of hearts I feel your might; 

I only have relinquish'd one delight 

To live beneath your more habitual sway:


- William Wordsworth



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