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the magical valley of flowers

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Located in Chamoli Garhwal , the Valley of flowers is a little piece of heaven on earth. With sodden beauty of the snow capped Himalayas , the sweet song of the pushpawati river, the whisper of the wind , the sound of the leaves dancing to it, the lush green meadows blending with the floating white clouds and a variety of flowers blooming in the valley like colours splashed on a canvas painted a picture of the most beautiful dream I have ever seen, the most magical place I could ever imagine and the most peaceful I have ever felt

I remember sitting on the computer in my city apartment reading about this magical place with more than 500 species of flowers , the majestic Himalayas in the back-drop and saying to myself ‘I wish I could be there!’ one could say it became a dream of mine to visit this magical land. my mother always says we have the ability to manifest our dreams but little did I know this beautiful dream of mine will be manifested into a piece of land. But this was not it ,because sometimes we acquire more than we desire, I visited hemkund and saw the bhyundar valley in all its glory with sun on my face and snow under my feet, the clouds came down to envelope the cold mountains with a warm hug and light danced on the waters of the hemkund glacier , it was almost surreal. I never could have imagined a place this magical and now when I sit on the computer in my city apartment I don’t read ,I write about a magical place with 500 species of flowers.

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