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Jivanti Welfare and Charitable Trust / Dabur Project

Mass Cultivation and conservation of Timru and BT species (Kachnar, Kutaj, Varuna and Lodhra) in Uttarakhand

In the year 2019 Dabur /Jivanti Welfare and Charitable trust New Delhi - Extended Support - to AAGAAS for - Mass cultivation and conservation of - Timaru and BT species (Kachnar, Kutaj, Varuna and Lodhra) in Uttarakhand. The target of Plantation for 3 years was - Timaru ( Zanthoxylum armatum) - 90000 plants, Lodhara ( Aymplocos racemosa or S. panicualta) - 30000 Plants, Kachnar ( Bauhinia purpurea and B. variegata ) - 30000 Plants Kutaj ( Holarrhena antidysentrica) - 10000 Plants and Varuna ( Cratae vanurvala, Crataeva nurvala) - 10000 Plants .

Under this project, the organisation organised plantation activities in more than 36 Village panchayats of Chamoli , Rudraprayag, Pauri and Dehradun District of Uttarakhand . More than 2000 families are directly and Indirectly involved in this project. 20 farmers are under the process of Herbal farming with Herbal Research and Development Centre - Govt of Uttarakhand .

A centralised nursery have been established and - Biotourism Park - Pipalkoti , Chamoli in 1 Acre Land and the experimental nursery agreement is signed with the Central nursery of FRI Dehradun specially for - Varuna and Kutaj planting material !

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