Aagaas Biotourism Park

We have experience working with Hemp, Nettle, Bhimal plants. We give training on scientific cultivation, extraction without exploitation, resource efficient degumming and drying, carding, yarn making and fiber making.

Fiber Processing

Aagaas Biotourism Park is a successful ecotourism enterprise which is very unique and beautiful situated on the outskirts of the Pipalkoti town. This setup has its in-house low-cost housing -  made of bamboo. It is available to book online. We can train you on maintaining energy efficient accommodation, nature guide program, bird watching.


Ringaal or Himalayan Bamboo is the local variety, since ages artisans are working with it for their livelihood. Aagaas has been working with them since its inception for raw material regenration, disign intervention, formation of SHGs, marketing etc. We provide training on  product development and raw material regeneration.

Local Arts and Crafts

There is a food processing unit of Aagaas Federation successfully functionong from many years. We can train in pickle making, juicing, biscuit baking.

Food Processing

Aagaas, since its inception is practicing Organic farming in its fields. we train you on making your own fertilizers and pesticides organically. Also different types of  compost making.

Organic Farming

Our nursery is the biggest in the region and we have been running it since many years. We can train on developing your nursery at your home, seed sowing, transplantation, poly bag filling and even selling of plants too.

Nursery Management